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05 November 11

We are not responsible for any loss of Bitcoins from the use of this site. We make every effort to secure your coins but if you lose your coins for whatever reason we are not responsible.

Loss includes but is not exclusive to the following.

  • Financial loss due to wallet data being "Bruteforced".
  • Financial loss due to server failure or data loss.
  • Financial loss due to forgotten passwords Financial loss due to corrupted wallet files.
  • Financial loss due to software issues our side.
  • Financial loss due to intrusions on our servers or our providers servers.
  • Financial loss due to incorrectly constructed transactions or mistyped bitcoin addresses
  • Financial loss due to "phishing" or other websites masquerading as Brand

We are not a bank. Storing your coins on this site does not give you to any sort of guarantee.

We do not have access to the Bitcoins stored on this site. They were encrypted with the password you used to create your account.

You must test your account with a small amount of Bitcoins. Don't store large amounts of Bitcoins on this site.

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